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Fresh Meals of the Week

We feature two entrees from our Savory Suppers menu each week that will be available fresh and ready for you to cook that night.
Fresh entrees will be available Wednesday through Monday in our South Amherst location. 

Available Wednesday, 1/16 (after 3pm) - Monday, 1/21

Turchia con Pasta e Fagioli (Turkey with Pasta and Beans)

This hearty soup eats like a meal! Ground turkey, beans, pasta and veggies are combined with seasoned tomato and beef broth. Add a tossed salad and garlic bread for a magnificent Italian- style dinner around the table. High in fiber.
4-6 serving size - $32.99
2-3 serving size - $17.99

Bistro Style Mac & Cheese

Creamy French Gruyere cheese and Prosciutto ham makes this American classic something really special. Dress it up with a bottle of wine and crusty bread.
4-6-serving size - $26.99
2-3-serving size - $15.99