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Compare Food Cost and Time Required

The following is a food cost comparison that sets forth the cost of Savory Suppers meals as compared to the costs of purchasing the raw ingredients yourself, getting take-out, or hiring a personal chef.

As the table indicates, attending a Savory Suppers session is less expensive than the alternatives. Not only will you pay more to make the meals at home, but you'll spend countless hours planning, shopping, chopping and cleaning up!

Let us do the work for you. Savory Suppers will save you money and time, while assuring dinner is convenient, easy to prepare and flavorful.

Comparison Table
Food Cost
Steps and Time

12 Meals at
Savory Suppers feeding a family of up to 6, Costs:

Raw Ingredients to make 12 meals which feed a family of up to 6, Costs:

12 take-out dinners which feed a family of up to 6, Costs:

12 meals which feed a family of up to 6 prepared by a Personal Chef, Costs:

Per Serving*

Per Serving*

Per Serving*

Per Serving*


Required Steps & Time:

Required Steps & Time:

Required Steps & Time:

Required Steps & Time:

Select Meals On Line
Prepare Meals at Savory Suppers

Menu Planning
Select Recipes
Make Shopping List
Grocery Shop
Prepare Ingredients
Make Meals
Clean Up

Select Meals, phone in
Pick up Meals

Select a Chef
Select Meals

2 hours

14.5 hours

1.8 hours

1.25 hours

* May be as low as published price based on 6 servings per 12 meals

SHORT ON TIME? Our staff will prepare entrees from our current menu fresh for you!
Special pick up times are available.

3 for $80.00 * 4 for $112.00
6 for $158.00 *
10 for $239.00 * 12 for $276.00



Schedule your own Private Party

A private party at Savory Suppers is a fun night out with your friends and a great way to assemble meals for your family at the same time. We'll help you coordinate your party for up to 12 people. As the Host, you will receive up to $50 off your meals, PLUS everyone in your party will receive a gift certificate toward a future visit to Savory Suppers.

Frequent Customer Program
Purchase 3 dinner packages of 12 or more entrees (36 entrees total) within 6 months and receive 2 free entrees on your next visit.

Gift Certificates
Savory Suppers gift certificates are great for the holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, new moms, and more. Gift certificates are available for any amount. Please call (413) 253-9528 for more information.

Note: Promotions are limited to one person per order.