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Fresh Meals of the Week

We feature two entrees from our Savory Suppers menu each week that will be available fresh and ready for you to cook that night.
New entrees will be available every Tuesday, and will be available through the following Monday, in the Grab and Go refrigerator. 


Bistro Style Mac and Cheese

Creamy French Gruyere cheese and Prosciutto ham makes this American classic something really special. Dress it up with a bottle of wine and crusty bread or make it kid friendly by topping it with crushed potato chips toward the end of cooking time.

4-6 servings: $26.99
2-3 servings $15.99

Corn Casserole with Vegetarian Baked Beans

Sweet corn and creamed corn are combined with cornmeal, flour and other ingredients to make it a cross between corn soufflé and a slightly sweet corn pudding! Serve with side of vegetarian baked beans provided.

4-6-serving size - $21.99
2-3-serving size - $12.99