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How It Works

Savory Suppers is a new concept in family style food service. If you enjoy home cooked meals with your family, but are short on either the time or desire to prepare these meals on a daily basis, Savory Suppers is for you.

At Savory Suppers you can prepare family style entrees that serve 4-6 in a short amount of time. Our employees do all the prep work. All you do is assemble the entrees the way your family would like them best. Plus, our friendly staff will be there if you have any questions and we even clean up the mess! When you're finished, you have entrees to take home that are perfect for your busy lifestyle. It couldn't be easier.

Step #1


  • Click on Schedule a Session, choose your pick up time and select your meals. We have made it easy for you schedule online but if you prefer, you may call 253-9528 to schedule your session.

Step #2


  • Each month, Savory Suppers offers 14 delicious, nutritious entrees for your family to choose from. Each entree is designed to feed 4 to 6 people, and most recipes can easily be split for smaller families or smaller appetites.

Step #3

PREPARE YOUR ENTREES (We will assemble your entrees for you.  We are offering curbside pick up at this time)

  • Plan to arrive at our kitchen 5 to 10 minutes prior to your session with a cooler or laundry basket to bring your meals home in.
  • Sign in with one of our friendly staff members to receive your menu and apron. If this is your first session, our staff will give you a quick orientation on how to assemble your meals.
  • Pull your hair back and wash your hands.
  • Proceed to your first station and begin assembling your entrees. We have done all the prep work for you. Use our recipe as a guide but feel free to tailor it to your family’s particular taste. Do your kids hate onions? Leave them out! Do you love cheese? Add some more! Only the meat and seafood is portion controlled.
  • After assembling your entree, label it with the cooking instructions and place it in your assigned bin in our freezer.
  • Move to the next station and begin making your next dish. Don’t worry about cleaning up, one of our staff members will clean up after you are done. Within two hours, you will have prepared up to 12` entrees.
  • When you have finished all of your entrees, just ask one of our staff members to sign you out.

When you get home

  • Place any entrees that you’re not going to cook in the next 3-5 days in the freezer to be cooked throughout the month.
  • Once a week, select 3 entrees and place them in your refrigerator to defrost. At mealtime, just follow the simple cooking instructions.
  • You will be able to sit down, relax and enjoy dinnertime with your family.